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Learn To Drive, Drive With Safety And Control.

Hey everyone, it's Shabi here, your friendly neighborhood driving instructor! I'm truly grateful for all the support and friendship I've received on Facebook. If you've had a positive experience with me, I'd really appreciate it if you could help boost my reviews and spread the word about my driving school page. And remember, I'm always here to help with any referrals or questions you might have. Thanks a million for your support!

  • Quick Tips and Advice
  • Road test preparation
  • Parallel parking
  • Basic driving skills
  • We are certified
  • Pick up and drop off
  • RMS approved Automatic vehicle
  • RMS Accredited Driving Instructor
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We’re Very Experienced & 98% Students Pass Test Driving On Frist Try.

Driving defensively includes controlling your speed, looking ahead and being prepared for unexpected events, being alert and distraction-free, and preparedness for all sorts of actions and reactions of other drivers.




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